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In Honor of International Womens Day
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In honor of International Women’s Day, I think President Obama’s quote is fitting, beautiful, and inspirational:


This particular year, I am particularly mindful of the women who inspire me most, including:


Lucy Maud Montgomery:  fearless, humourous, and optimistic Canadian author whose home and work have become the icon of four generations of Prince Edward Island citizens.


Ida B. Wells:  Endlessly brave civil rights and women’s rights pioneer and anti-lynching crusader at a dangerous time in US history.


Evita Duarte:  Passionate about improving the conditions for working poor in Argentina, Evita has become literally an icon of hope for generations of Argentines.


Billie Holiday:  Her voice transcended race, class, and religion.  She sang about controversial issues of her day and through her music, thrust issues of US racial inequalities into the spotlight.


Maya Angelou:  Perhaps the most real and easily understood author of our time.  Her words connect dignitaries and welfare…

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